Fresh 48 Video Sessions Workshop. Learn how to make a Fresh 48 Video Session from start to finish. Boca Raton Newborn Photographer.

Fresh 48 Video 1:1 Workshop


Fresh 48 Video 1:1 Workshop



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It’s Finally Here!

Take your Fresh 48 Photo Sessions to another level and offer a documentary style Video (not a slideshow of photos!) but an actual video where your client can live that special moments again. They can hear their baby cry, or their older chid meeting their new sibling for the first time… it is a priceless service you can offer and make yourself standout from the competition.

Even if you have never done a Fresh 48 session before, I will teach you step by step how I make those beautiful videos, my equipment, my settings, my workflow and the most important of all, my post processing… this is your chance to learn all of that!

No need to travel anywhere!

No need to pay extra for flights, hotel, car rental or arranging for someone to watch the kids while being away. It is all from the comfort of your home.

What I will cover:

*My equipment

*Before the session





*Post Processing

*Facebook group for continued guidance

You will also get some technical information for using video with your DSLR and a behind-the-scenes of two different hospital sessions showing you exactly what I do.

Then, we will set a date to meet online for our 1:1 class, where I can answer all your questions and I will share my screen to show you my post processing on Lightroom and Adobe Premier Pro CC. The online meeting will take place in the morning hours EST (It will last up to two hours) Monday thru Friday.

This is non-refundable and the 1:1 can be rescheduled if notified one week prior to our set date.

What you need:

*You must know your DSLR in Manual Mode

*Basic knowledge of LR

*No need to know Adobe Premier Pro as I will teach you step by step how to use it for what I do.


This is not a video/film workshop. Even though, I will teach you every step of how I make these videos, I am not an expert on Adobe Premier Pro or any other video editing program. I am not an expert on extensive video settings, either.

There is a two-year non-compete contract that you must sign before mentoring.

This workshop is not available for those who live within 150 miles from zip code 33428 or those who are currently teaching/mentoring. Violators will be canceled without refund.

All sales are final.