FAQ Newborns

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Newborn Session FAQ

When is the best time to schedule Newborn Portraits?

Schedule your newborn session while you are still pregnant. I only take a limited amount of newborns per month. Most families secure their newborn session when they are on their second trimester. The photo session should be between 7-10 days after birth. After their second week, they stop sleeping so deeply, they like to stretch more so it is harder to get those curled up poses and many times baby acne appears.


Where will the photos be taken?

The Newborn Session is at my studio in Boca Raton. Sessions are Monday thru Friday at 9:00am. No sessions on weekends or holidays.


Is it safe to do a photo session of a newborn?

In a short answer, yes! it is safe to do a photo session with me. 

You might be hesitant of taking your baby out of the house at such young age. To give you a bit of perspective, when you take your baby to the pediatrician, you are exposing your baby to other sick kids and air with germs. At my studio, it is only you, your spouse, your baby and myself. I do not allow sick people into my studio. It gets cleaned and sanitized after every session, as well, as everything the baby touches. It is a cozy place, and you are right there behind me, watching everything I do with your baby.

As a professional, and as a Mom, I take your baby's safety as paramount. I will never put them at risk, not in dangerous poses, not unsafe props, not in a dangerous environment. I am also up to date on all my vaccines, including Tetanus, Pertussis, Diphtheria Vaccine (Tdap). 


I am having my baby boy circumcised, how long should I wait for his Newborn Session?

We will need to make sure we allow him at least 7 days of healing time before his session. If not done at birth, it is always best to schedule the procedure after the photo session, if at all possible.


What kind of clothing does the baby need to wear?

I provide everything for your session like soft blankets, headbands, hats and cute outfits. If you have a favorite outfit that's important to you, you can bring it and I strongly suggest to let me know at least a week before your session.


Should I bring props?

Not really. If you have a special family heirloom you would like to include, you are welcome to have them for the session. We may not use all of the items but I will let you know what will work best. I have a large selection of wonderful props to use with newborn sessions. I strongly recommend to discuss any props or ideas you have in mind at least a week prior to your session.


Can you recreate this picture I saw on Pinterest?

While I enjoy looking at other photographer's work for inspiration, I cannot copy exactly someone else's work. That is their style, their creation and their art. I am hoping you are hiring me for my own style and creativity. Additionally, not every baby will do every pose and safety is my main concern. I encourage you to show me what poses, setups you have in mind and we will still create something beautiful and unique for your baby. Feel free to browse my gallery or my Facebook and Instagram pages, as well.


Should both parents and my other kids attend the photography session?

If your session includes family photos, yes. Family photos are done first and I always recommend that the other parent takes the children after their photos are taken. They can go to a park nearby or go home until your session is finished. Newborn sessions are long and it is not fair to expect other children to be quiet and patient for 2 or 3 hours. If your session is only for the newborn baby, then only the parents should attend. Sitting space is limited. I kindly request that other arrangements are made for children who will not be photographed during the session.


Can other family members come along to observe the session?

Only the parents should attend the newborn photography session for several reasons. There is limited sitting space. The newborn session is a lengthier session, as extra time is needed to accommodate feeding, changing, and occasionally calming a fussy baby. When too many people are present, it can stress the baby and we want a peaceful environment for him/her.


Can I have my parents and in-laws photographed with the baby during this type of session?

If your session includes family, only parents and siblings are included. Anyone else is $25 extra per person, up to 5 people.


What if my baby is older than 2 weeks?

The best age to photograph newborns is when they are between 7-10 days new. This is not to say I can’t photograph your newborn at any other age. Beautiful images can be captured at any stage. However, you should know that once beyond this “new” stage, I may not be able to get the curly poses and that an “unposed” Newborn Session may be the best option. If you are sure you want specific poses, please ask about those during your pre-consultation. Premature babies are a different case because most likely I will base their session counting from their actual due date. I handle it on a case by case basis.


How many photos can I expect in my gallery?

I go through your entire session frame by frame and choose the most perfect images to add to your gallery. Usually a 1.5 hour session generates about 30+ images for review in your private gallery.


Will you provide unedited images?

It is my policy that no unedited images or raw files will be given to clients for any reason. Your proof gallery will include photos that I have chosen as the golden ones. Those will be edited and ready for final color enhancements. Once you choose your favorites, I will finalize those chosen.


How much editing goes into these photos?

The edits of all photos are my artistic interpretation. Basic retouching and edits are determined at my discretion. By looking at my portfolio, I hope you get a vision of what I can accomplish. The proof gallery shows images that are ready as-is to be finalized only with enhanced colors and minor touch-ups. Images are delivered as complete in the final gallery and any further adjustments or changes requested by the client will be first evaluated and if the image will be re edited, it will have an extra charge per photo. 


What is your Reschedule Policy?

In the event you need to reschedule your session, please contact me at least 72 hours in advance in order to transfer your retainer fee to the new date, otherwise, a new retainer is needed to reschedule. The new date must be within 7 days, although availability is not guaranteed during fully booked months.


What is your turnaround time?

I send you a Proof Gallery a week after your session for you to select your favorite images. Once the order is made, I will send you the final images 3 weeks after your order is placed. So, you can expect your digitals to be ready 4 weeks after your session date (counting that you do not take too long choosing your favorites). If you purchase any items from my A La Carte Menu (albums, wall art, jewelry) those items can take up to 6 weeks after your order is placed.