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What age is best for a Sitter Session?

I prefer 6-9 months old, once they can sit unassisted but not yet crawling. I recommend doing 6 months or 9 months and 12 months. This is when you can truly compare the changes in their first year.


Where will the photos be taken?

Milestone and Cake Smash sessions are done either at my studio in Boca Raton or outdoors at a Park or Beach in Boca Raton area.


Are your sessions in the morning or in the afternoon?

Children do best when they are fed, rested and feeling well. For this age I recommend doing a morning session, if done at my studio. However, if you prefer a park or beach location, then the session will be right before sunset. Sessions are Monday thru Friday. No sessions on weekends or holidays.


I would like to use my Baby's Cake Smash photos for the First Birthday invitations, when should I schedule the session?

In this case, I recommend to do the Cake Smash sessions when they are between 10 and 11 months old. If you only need one or two images for the invitations, then I can edit that one image you choose from your Proof Gallery a little bit sooner. The rest of the photos will be ready at the usual turnaround time, which is around 4 weeks after the session.


Do you include the cake for the Cake Smash Session?

The only cake I include is a prop (fake) cake. If you want the real smash cake photos, you would have to bring your own cake. The reason I decided not to include a real cake is for liability reasons. At this age the baby has not been exposed to many food items and a reaction from cake ingredients may happen. However, I can recommend a bakery that has made cakes for my sessions or I can help you with designing your cake by giving you ideas. I highly recommend not using red or brown color as the dominant colors covering the cake since these two colors do not photograph well.


How many outfits can my baby wear during the session?

Up to 2 outfits for babies, either for Sitter or Cake Smash sessions. I also own some outfits for sitters and one year old that can be available for your baby to wear.


Do you include family photos during this type of session?

The session is mainly for the baby it was booked for. This is not a family session. However, I can include one family photo at the beginning of the session, if session is outdoors not in studio.


What should I wear?

I always recommend to choose solid colors and coordinated clothing, but don't have everyone match. It's important to let the baby shine in every image, so avoid clothing that can distract from the family's star of the day. Clothes with stripes, too bright colors, logos, wording or busy patterns will not photograph well.


How many photos can I expect in my gallery?

I go through your entire session frame by frame and choose the most perfect images to add to your gallery. Usually a sitter session generates about 20+ images for you to review in your private gallery. A Cake Smash sessions generates about 30+ for your review.


Will you provide unedited images?

It is my policy that no unedited images or raw files will be given to clients for any reason. Your proof gallery will include photos that I have chosen as the golden ones. Those will be edited and ready for final color enhancements. Once you choose your favorites, I will finalize those chosen.


How much editing goes into these photos?

The edits of all photos are my artistic interpretation. Basic retouching and edits are determined at my discretion. By looking at my portfolio, I hope you get a vision of what I can accomplish. The proof gallery shows images that are ready as-is to be finalized only with enhanced colors and minor touch-ups. Images are delivered as complete in the final gallery and any further adjustments or changes requested by the client will be first evaluated and if the image will be re edited, it will have an extra charge per photo. Keep in mind that I cannot control the nature of some things, like the wind in your hair or outfits, therefore those are things that will remain the way they were captured.


What is your Reschedule Policy?

In the event you or your child is sick or there is another unforeseen event and you need to reschedule your session, please contact me at least 72 hours in advance in order to transfer your retainer fee to the new date. The new date must be within 7 days, although availability is not guaranteed during fully booked months. A one time reschedule is allowed per session, after that a new retainer is required.


What is your turnaround time?

I send you a Proof Gallery one week after your session for you to select your favorite images. Once the order is made, I will send you the final images 3 weeks after your order is placed. If you purchase any items from my A La Carte menu (albums, wall art, jewelry) those items can take 4-6 weeks after your order is placed. For Cake Smash sessions, you can select one or two images to expedite if you want to use them for your baby's birthday invitation.